Foods That Increase Metabolism Part 1: Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper Weight Loss

This is the first in a series I am starting that will provide in-depth information on various foods that are known metabolism boosters. The first food we are covering may very well be considered the grand daddy of foods that increase metabolism, the cayenne pepper.

There are a number of reasons that make the cayenne pepper weight loss approach a remarkable source of fat burning. Additionally there are a slew of other benefits that can be found from the cayenne pepper that you will certainly want to take advantage of. Yes, bonus points for the cayenne pepper!

Cayenne Pepper Benefits

Undoubtedly you will find a slew of benefits when looking into the cayenne pepper. Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is the thermogenic effect it has on your body. Because it is such a spicy food it actually speed up your metabolism so that the simple act of eating it causes you to burn fat. I am a major proponent of eating foods that are not just healthy for you but that also helps you burn more fat. My rationale is and always has been to work smarter rather than harder!

cayenne pepper weight lossAnother factor that comes into play with cayenne pepper weight loss is the way it affects blood pressure. The same way it boosts metabolism, it also increases the flow throughout the circulatory system. It actually works to clear the arteries of any excess fat, plaque and triglycerides.

Basically this means that it helps rid the body of that bad cholestrol, also known as LDL cholestrol. This is a very good thing considering the number one killer is undoubtedly heart disease.

OK, if that weren’t enough here are a few others just to get you jumping for spicy joy! This miracle food has been known to kill cancer cells, help rebuild stomach lining (great for digestive issues and ulcers) as well as stop heart attacks in their tracks.

Cayenne Pepper Diet Cleanse

This famed cleans was really purported by Dr. Stanley Borroughs in The Master Cleanse. Of course, this cleanse goes by other names including the Lemon Cleanse and the Maple Syrup Cleanse. This isn’t as much for cayenne pepper weight loss as it for cleaning out the system. Granted you will probably lose weight if you try it, but it will be mostly due to the side effect of not eating very much.

Key Cayenne Pepper Benefits

A few of the other awesome benefits to keep in mind in bullet point are:

  • One of the best metabolism boosters
  • Great for Heartburn.
  • Great for the digestion system.
  • Capsicum, one of hte main ingredients in the cayenne pepper is great for throat swelling and tonsillitis.
  • Helps with toothaches and prevents teeth from rotting

Hope this article was useful and it has inspired you to give the Cayenne Pepper Weight Loss a try. Bon appetit!

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